Our Story

Krone started manufacturing modern forage harvesting equipment to the highest quality standards and at competitive prices in the small village of Spelle in northern Germany.  Krone decided to branch out into the UK in 2009 forming Krone UK based in Micklefield near Leeds, from there Krone UK have expanded with over 80 dealers and around 50 employees.  Krone UKs innovative product line and outstanding customer loyalty has enabled them to achieve this and grow day by day.

Krone UK provide a full range of clothing and merchandise made to the highest quality standards to support their range of modern forage harvesting equipment.  Krone UK listen to their customers and deliver and adapt their merchandise to suit them. Krone aims to provide a comprehensive range to suit every season and make life easier for Krone customers with branded tools and accessories.

If there is a product that you'd like to see in our merchandise range or you have any feedback, please email shop@krone-uk.com